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XGD 附中小升初英语测试

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  (    )1.A.two      B.ruler       C.broom       D.goodbye

  (    )2.A.hat

  (    )     C.age          D.bag

  (    )      B.head      C.see          D.please

  (    )5.A.have      B.cake       C.grade

  (    )6.A.put       B.duty       C.good        D.woman

  (    )7.A.give      B.right       C.English      D.picture

  (    )     B.ask        C.father        D.banana

  (    )9.A.Chinese   B.chair       C.teacher

  (    )10.A.them     B.thank      C.father        D.that



  (    )1.shirt         shoe          English        she

  (    )2.nice         light          white          five

  (    )3.but          cup           under          mum

  (    )4.bird         girl           her             thirteen

  (    )5.white        what          which           where

  (    )          yes           yellow          young

  (    )7.coat         picture         cake            cat

  (    )8.ten          desk           pen             twelve

  (    )        good           give            bag

  (    )      wrong          sorry            clock



  1.box_________   2.pencil-box__________3.bus__________

  4.man__________ 5.woman __________  6.boy_________

  7.coat__________ 8.watch__________


  1.fr__ __ nd(         )          2.b__h__nd(    )

  3.p __ ct __ re(         )         4.st__d__nt(    )

  5.ab __ __ t(        )            6.c _ _ t(    )

  7.s __ster(         )              8.m _ _ t(    )

  9.What are th __se? Th _____' re b ____ ds.(             )

  10.I can' t f _ nd my w__ tch(    )     11.th_ir sh__es(      ) __e fl ___ ers (   )   ____ g _ mes(     )

  14.Th _ y are y __ ur b __ kes.(     )


  1.their(同音词)________     2.white(反义词)____________

  3.they(宾格)____________   4.different(反义词)____________主格)____________原形)____________

  7.Chinese(名词)_________   8.class(复数)____________主格)____________    10.can' t(音标)[__]反义词)__________  12.too(同音词)____________


  (    )1.足球   B.ball    D.flower

  (    )2.桌子    A.window    B.table     C.door

  (    )3.女儿   A.daughter    B.sister    D.afternoon

  (    )    A.what    C.match    D.window

  (    )5.三十    A.thirteen     B.fourteen   C.thirty    D.three

  (    )6.衬衫    A.skirt        B.shirt     C.shoe     D.blouse

  (    )7.照片       B.picture    C.doll

  (    )8.他们的  A.its      B.their   C.they      D.them


  1.The blouse is green.(对划线部分提问)

  __________  __________is the blouse?

  2.It' s eight thirty-five.对划线部分提问)

  ____________________________the time?

  3.The woman is Han Meimei' s mother.(对划线部分提问)

  __________is Han Meimei' s mother?

  4.We can see some pictures in the room.(对划线部分提问)

  __________ __________  you__________in the room?

  5.I' m fifteen.(对划线部分提问)

  ________  _______  _____________you?

  6.That is an orange bus.(改为复数形式)

  ________  ____________orange__________.

  7.Is that cat black and white?(改为陈述句)

  ___________ _________  ___________black and white.

  8.Those are pictures of their families.(改为单数形式)

  ____________________is a picture of his_________.

  9. Those are their Chinese books.(改为一般疑问句)

  __________ __________their Chinese books?

  10. This is my pencil-box.(改为意思相同的句子)

  This__________ is_________.

  11.I am Miss Gao.(改为否定句)

  __________   __________Miss Gao.

  12.Thoes are English books.(对划线部分提问)

  __________are those?


  A:Model: all they here are→They are all here.

  1.Mr White, and, good, are, friends, Mr Black


  2.clock, on, desk, is, Lily' s, her, too


  3.they, in, pencil-box, think, are, I, her

  ________________________________________________________, their, cars, are


  B:Model: yellow coats their are→Are their coats yellow?

  1.their, what, shirts, are, colour

  __________________________________________________, it, Li Lei' s, sweater


  3.the, box, yellow, are, the oranges, in


  4.the, they, same, all, school, are, in



  (    )1.This is__________dress. It isn' t__________., your, yours, you     D.he, hers

  (    )2.Lily is a new student.__________is English.

  A.He          B.She          C.Her         D.His

  (    )3.Jim and I__________ students. We__________in the same class.

  A.are, are, are       C.are, is, are

  (    )4.-__________the bike?

  -Look! It' s under the tree.

  A.Where is     B.Where are    C.What is     D.What are

  (    )5.-__________your brother here?

  -__________,he isn' t here.

  A.Is, Yes       B.Are, No       C.Are, Yes    D.Is, No

  (    )6.-What is thirty and twelve?

  -It' s  ___________.

  A.fourty-one     B.forty-two      C.forty-one     D.forty two

  (    )7.-Excuse me, Jack. Where is the bus?


  A.In the tree     B.On the tree     C.Near the tree   D.In tree

  (    )8.Look, that' s __________apple here. Under__________tree, you can see

  __________cat., a, the  B.a, the, a, the, a   D.the, a, an

  (    )9.-__________is the time?

  -__________is about seven twenty-five.

  A.Which, It    B.What, This   C.What, It    D.Where, It

  (    )10.__________are good friends.

  A.I and he    B.He and I      C.I and his    D.He and my

  (    )11.-Who is the young man?

  -He' s__________.

  A.twenty      B.a teacher brother the room

  (    )12.The coat__________like__________.

  A.looks, hers   B.look, her      C.looks, her    D.look, she' s

  (    )13.-Can I see your photo?


  A.Thank you  B.Give you      C.Here you are   D.You are here

  (    )14.__________look__________the blackboard.

  A.Let, at      B.Let' s, at      C.Lets, like    D.let, on

  (    )15.-Is her sister a teacher or a student?


  A.No, she' s a teacher            B.No, she isn' t a teacher

  C.She' s a student                 D.Yes, she' s a teacher

  (    )16.What' s__________the picture?           B.after          C.over         D.about

  (    )17.-Is this watch__________?

  -No, it isn' t. It' s__________.

  A.your, his    B.yours, his, his     D.yours, she' s

  (    )18.-Thank you.


  A.That' s right                   B.All right

  C.Not thank                     D.That' s all right

  (    )19. That' s__________jeep. It' s a car.

  A.a not       B.not           C.not a        D.not an

  (    )20.-What' s that on the floor?

  -It' s__________orange.          B.a             C.the         D.this


  1.-How old are you?

  -___________________. (Fine, thank you; I' m twelve)

  2.-What' s the time?

  - ____________________. (It' s fine; It' s five)

  3.-Who' s the woman?

  -___________________? (Where; Which woman)

  4.-Is this your sister?

  -____________________(Yes, she is; She is Lucy)

  5.-What colour is the skirt?

  -____________________. (It' s white; It' s a dress)

  6.-___________________ ? (Who are they; Whose are they)

  -They are mine.

  7.-Who' s on duty today?

  -___________________. (Yes, I am; I am)

  8.-Are the twins eleven?

  -____________________. (The twins are young; Yes, they are)

  9.-____________________? (What' s on the floor; Where' s the blouse)

  -It' s on the floor.

  10.-Jim, your picture is very good.

  -____________________. (Oh, thank you; Oh no,it isn' t)


  1.The brooms are__________(在……后面)the door.

  2.Her shoes are__________(在……下面)the bed.

  3.Please__________(坐下)over there.

  4.Who' s that? That' s__________(李老师的弟弟)

  5.I think he' s__________(在家)

  6.Please__________(看) the blackboard.


  1.A:What' s the time, please? (12∶00)

  B:_________   ___________.

  2.A:Excuse me! Who' s the man?


  A:_________  ___________  on the bus.

  B:Oh,__________ my father.

  3.A:What__________these? (苹果)

  B:They are__________________.

  4.A:Can you see my football?

  B:Is it on your desk?

  A:__________, it isn' t.

  B:Oh, it' s_____  ______________

  5.A:Is this __________pencil-box, Lucy?

  B:__________, it is.__________is it?

  A:It' s under the chair. You__________ look after it.

  B:Thank__________ very much.

  A:__________ ______________ ____________小升初网

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