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XGD 附中小升初英语测试题

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Long long ago, there was a little mouse. On a sunny morning, the mouse rode a bike to the park. On his way to the park, he met a big fat cat. He was very afraid of the cat. So he rode his bike away. However(然而), his bike broke. He had to take a bus home. When he got home, he was very hungry. He ate a bowl of noodles and drank a cup of milk. He broke the cup just after drinking the milk. So, he had to clean the floor. When he was cleaning the floor, his grandma came.

He was very happy to see his grandma. His grandma cooked him a very delicious dinner. After dinner, they took a long walk in the park. However, they saw a snake there and ran away at once. When they went back home, they were very tired. They took a bath and then went to bed.

( )1、Long long ago, there was a small mouse.

( )2、he mouse went to the park by bus on a cloudy morning.

( )3、He met a big cat in the park.

( )4、He was very happy to see the cat.

( )5、He went home by bus.

( )6、He ate noodles and drank milk because he was hungry

( )7、When he was cleaning the floor,his grandpa came.

( )8、His had delicious food for dinner.

( )9、He saw a tiger in the park after dinner and he ran away at once.

( )10、In the evening he was very tired.

 1. A: What are these                    ? 2. A:      that man in the jeep?

   B: They’re      .                       B:      Mr Green, I think.

   A: Whose        are they?               A:             a teacher?

   B: Sorry, I don’t know.                    B:      , he’s a doctor.


1. What did John want to be twenty years ago?

2. What did the robber want?

3. How did John feel?

4. Who came to catch the thief?

5. What does John want to do now?


The Clever Crow(乌鸦)

It’s a hot day . A mother crow and her two kids are flying in the sky(天空) .They are very thirsty .So mother says to her children “Let’s find some water to drink .”They find(寻找) a jar on the floor. There’s some water in the jar(广口瓶) . But it’s not full(满). But their beaks(鸟嘴) are too short . They can’t drink the water. Little crow don’t know what to do. Mother crow looks at the jar ,then she asks her children to put some stones into the jar . Oh , the jar is full now ! How clever the mother crow is!

Chooes the best answer :

(   ) 1. It’s a_______day.

A. cold          B. warm

(   )2. The crow are ________.

     A.hungry        B.thirsty          C. sic

(   )3. They need some _______.

 A. food         B.water           C.noodles

(   )4. They put some ________into the jar.

     A.eggs          B. stones          C.bananas

(   )5.The mother crow is very________.

    A. clever         B. beautiful        C. bad


That is a picture of a classroom. I can see some pencil-boxes and books in the desk. I can see a ball under the chair. There are two maps on the wall. The black board(黑板) is on the front(前面的)wall. Some student’s exercise-books(练习本) are on the teacher’s desk. Two brooms(扫帚)are behind the door.

1、 That’s a           of a             .

2、 I can see        and            .

3、 I can see a               the chair.

4、 There are      maps      the wall.
5、 There are some student’s              on the            desk.小升初网

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