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XGD 附中英语小升初模拟题

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  (  )1. panda              A. tiger         B. ruler           C. zebra

  (  )2. Monday            A. day         B. Tuesday        C. Friday

  (  )3. hand              A. leg          B. foot            C. tape

  (  )4. one               A. three         B. door           C. seven

  (  )5. doctor             A. man          B. teacher         C. nurse

  (  )6. white              A. red           B. brown          C. skirt

  (  )7. banana             A. peach         B. plane           C. pear

  (  )8. ant                A. bee           B. butterfly         C. dog

  (  )9. headache           A. feel           B. cough           C. cold

  (  )10. piano             A. guitar         B. blouse           C. violin


  (  )11.I usually get up ______ seven o’clock in the morning. A .at        B. on       C. of

  (  )12.-- ______ is the coat?--Thirty-five yuan, please.A .How      B. How much     C. How old

  (  )13.--Where are your glasses? -- I can’t find them, they ______ here just now.

  A .are      B. was           C. were

  (  )14. The brown cat is as ______ as the black cat.A .fat        B. fatter          C. thinner

  (  )15.-- Excuse me, can you tell me the way to the Garden Cinema?

  -- Let me see. You can ______ bus No. 5.A .by        B. take         C. go

  (  )16. --Are there any students in the classroom? -- Yes, there ______ students in the classroom.

      A .any      B. some       C. a

  (  )17.--Hello, is that Liu Tao? --Yes, ______.A .I am      B. it is       C. speaking

  (  )18.David is playing ______ basketball in the playground.A .a        B. the         C. \

  (  )19.I have two storybooks, but Helen ______ four.A .has       B. have        C. had

  (  )20. This is not my purse.           is over there.    A. My      B. Mine     C. I

  (  )21.--What’s the capital(首都)of the UK? A. London      B. New York      C. Paris

  (  )22.--When is the Teachers’ day in China?    -- It’s on           .

            A. September 10      B. December 25      C. October 31 


  (  )23.当别人对你说“Your English is very nice!”,你可以说:A. Of course.      B. Not at all.    C. Thank you.

  (  )24.当你上学迟到时,你可以这样对老师说: A. It doesn’t matter. B. I’m sorry, I’m late.C. That’s all right.

  (  )25. 当别人对你说“Would you like to my birthday party?你可以说:A. Sure.     B. Good night.     C. No.

  (  )26.当别人对你说“What date is it today?”,你可以说: A. Today is Monday. B. It’s my birthday. C. It’s August 6.(  )27. 当别人对你说“What’s your job?” 你可以说:A. I’m Kate.     B. I’m a doctor.      C. I’m Li Ming’s mother.(  )28.当别人对你说“Let’s go skating!”,你不想去可以说:A. Sorry, I can’t.     B.OK, let’s go.     C. That’s a good idea.(  )29.当你的朋友说“I’ve got a bad cough.”,你可以说A. How are you? B. I’m sorry to hear that.    C. How do you do?(  )30. 开学后,老师第一次见到同学们,会说:

  A. What’s your name?     B. Welcome back to school, boys and girls.C. Good bye boys and girls.


  The Spring Festival(春节)is our Chinese people’s festival. There are different names for each year. We all call it the year of monkey, the year of dog… and this year is the year of Chicken.

  Before the day of the festival, people are busy shopping and cleaning. On the Eve(除夕), there is a big family dinner. After dinner, all the family stay up late(守夜) to welcome the new year. In the middle of the night, we have some dumplings(饺子) and watch TV. On the first day of the New Year, people wear new clothes to visit their relatives and say “Happy New Year” to each other.

  (  )52. There are           different names for Chinese years.A. 10        B. 11          C. 12

  (  )53. When is the Eve in Chinese year?

  A. The evening of the Spring Festival.    B. The evening before the Spring Festival.       C. The evening after the Spring Festival.

  (  )54. People        before the Spring Festival. A. sing and dance B. go shopping and clean the house C. play games

  (  )55.           are the favorite food for Chinese people on the Eve.A. Cakes B. Dumplings     C. Noodles

  (  )56. On the festival people usually       .A. wear new clothes     B. go to visit their relatives     C. A and B

  六、翻译 57.  向右转    _____________     62. look for     _____________58. 拍照片    _____________     63. have a good time    _____________59.   上车       ____________64. take part in _________60在……前面    _____________    65. collect stamps __________61. 去购 __________66. the Great Wall


  67.--Do you swim faster than your brother?-- No, I swim ______ (slow) than my brother.

  68.--What did you do last week?--I ______ (go) to a farm.

  69.I like ______ (make) model planes.

  70.It is Sports Day, all the ______ (student) are very excited.

  71.--What does Bob do on Sundays? -- He often ______ (watch) the cartoons.小升初网

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