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  1.All of the students like football.(改为否定句)

  _____ of the students _____ football.
1.None, likes/like 解析:本题的难度在于后面只有一个空,所以可以将all换成一个表否定的词。要注意的是none of+复数名词的谓语用单数/复数均可。

  2.You seem to be ill today. (改为同义句)

  ______ _____ that you are ill today.
【解析】It seems 解析:本句很值得借鉴,如果能在写作中用后面那个句型,效过会更好。

  3.I like skiing best. (改为同义句)

  My _____ _______ is skiing.
     【解析】favorite sport


  4.My brother likes rice and noodles. (改为选择疑问句)

  _____ does your brother ____ ______, rice ____ noodles?
      【解析】What, like better, or

  5.They eat a lot of potatoes. We eat a lot, too.(改为同义句)

  They eat a lot of potatoes. _____ _____ ______.

  6.After the experiment, we will talk about our observation.(对划线部分提问)


   【解析】   What will we do after the experiment?


  Wall Street is a famous street in New York City. It got its name from the wooden wall that used to stand where the street now runs.
  The wall was built in the 1600s. New York was then a Dutch (荷兰的) city set up by people coming from Holland in Europe, it was called New Amsterdam.
  The American Indians were not always friends of the Dutch, nor were the English. So the Dutch built the wooden wall to protect their town.
  The wall is gone now, but Wall Street reminds (提醒)the people of New York of the Dutch who settled there.

  1. New Amsterdam was the name of ______ .
  A. a wall
  B. a street
  C. a city in Holland
  D. a city in America

 解析:D从第三行可以看出,New Amsterdam就是New York, 所以应该是美国的一个城市。

  2. The wall was built ______.
  A. by the English against the Americans and the Indians
  B. by the Dutch against the Indians and Americans
  C. by the English against the Dutch and Indians
  D. by the Dutch against the Indians and the English


  3. New York was originally (最早) built by _____ .
  A. New Amsterdam
  B. the Dutch
  C. the Indians
  D. the English

 解析:B本题从第一段最后一段可以得出答案。Set up有建立的意思。

  4. Now the wall is still existing, isn’t it?
  A. Yes, it is.
  B. No, it isn’t.
  C. Yes, it isn’t.
  D. We don’t know.

 解析:从最后一段第一句,the wll is gone now。说明那堵墙现在已经没有了。本题还考察一个点就是反义疑问句的回答,记住一点,要实事求是,墙已经没了,所以就是no, it isn’t






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