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I. 单词拼音(将划线部分读音不同的单词的符号填入题号前括号内)(1×10)

  (   )1. A. man             B. stand             C. Kate

  (   )2. A. not             B. n               C. go

  (   )3. A. pen             B. these             C. desk

  (   )4. A. this            B. sit               C. nice

  (   )5. A. student         B. under             C. cup

  (   )6. A. sweater         B. please            C. teacher

  (   )7. A. now             B. yellow            C. How

  (   )8. A. they            B. three             C. mother

  (   )9. A. bag           B. classes           C. maps

  (   )10. A. yes            B. your              C. my


Ⅱ. 单词分类(将不同类型的单词的符号填入前面括号内)(1×10)

  (   )1. A. bus             B. car               C. cup

  (   )2. A. ten             B. there             C. thirteen

  (   )3. A. shoe            B. shirt             C. bed

  (   )4. A. bird            B. boy               C. girl

  (   )5. A. brother         B. sister            C. family

  (   )6. A. are             B. in                C. under

  (   )7. A. China           B. American          C. Japanese

  (   )8. A. teacher         B. student           C. school

  (   )9. A. please          B. sit               C. stand

  (   )10. A. red            B. apple             C. green


Ⅲ. 选择填空(将正确选项的符号填入题号前括号内)(1×10)

  (   )1. Are you Mrs. Read? Yes, I _______.

          A. is               B. am                 C. are

  (   )2. This is a map        Wuhan.

          A. of               B. on                 C. in

  (   )3. These bananas are       .

          A. you              B. your               C. yours

  (   )4. The twins        .

          A. look same        B. look the same      C. look after

  (   )5. It's time        .

          A. go to bed        B. to go to bed       C. to go to the bed

  (   )6. Who's that? Is it Lucy         Lily?

          A. or               B. and                C. but

  (   )7. Whose bag is this? I think it's       .

          A. Jim's           B. Jim                C. Jims'

  (   )8. That's his watch,Give it to         Please.

          A. he               B. him                C. his

  (   )9. I have a new bike.         bike is under the tree.

          A. The              B. A                  C. An

  (   )10. Are you friends? Yes,     .

          A. I am             B. they are           C. we are


Ⅳ. 情景反应(将正确答案的编号填入前括号内)(1×10)

  (   )1. 一Is everyone here? - _______.

           A. Yes,I am.                       B. No. you aren't.

           C. Yes,we are all here.

  (   )2. -This is a new student,Ann.  -       .

           A. What's your name?              B. How do you do?

           C. Are you Ann?

  (   )3. -Good afternoon,class.  -      , teacher.

           A. Good morning     B. Good afternoon      C. Goodbye

  (   )4. -Hello,Bill? 一No,      .

           A. this is Sam      B. I am Sam            C. I'm Sam

  (   )5. -This is your eraser. Here you are.

           -Thank you,Mr. Hu.

           -       .

           A. Thank you,too                   B. That's all right

 C. All right

  (   )6. -       , where is the toilet? -Over there.

           A. Excuse me         B. Sorry              C. How are you

  (   )7. -Sit down and have a cup of tea.  -        .

           A. I sit down                     B. I have a cup of tea

           C. Thank you

  (   )8. 一Can I see your watch? -        .

           A. That's OK        B. OK                 C. OK.  It's not here

  (   )9. -What's the time? 一         .

           A. Yes,it's a clock              B. It's the time

           C. It's eight o'clock

  (   )10. -      .  -It's an egg.

            A. What's this in English?

            B. Is this your egg?

            C. Can you speak English?


Ⅴ. 选错(将错误选项的符号填入题号前括号内)(1×10)

  (   )1. They are in the same classes.

                 A      B          C

  (   )2. Can you look the broom behind the door?

                A    B                C

  (   )3. We aren't know his name.

                A      B   C

  (   )4. Who is this blouse? It's mine.

            A       B                C

  (   )5. What colour is her coats?

                  A        B    C

  (   )6. Class three has a map of China.

                   A    B             C

  (   )7. Can he sing a song? No,he isn't.

                A  B                    C

  (   )8. This is my a classroom.

             A        B     C

  (   )9. These are your books. Please put they there.

             A              B                C

  (   )10. He isn't a old policeman.

                  A   B         C

Ⅵ. 句型转换(按括号内要求完成镇空,一空一问)(1×10)

    1. Are you in Row One,Kate? (肯定回答)

      Yes,             .

    2. They are in Grade Two. (改成否定句)

                     in Grade Two.

    3. She can spell her name. (改成一般疑问句)

                    spell her name?

    4. Their bags are black. (对划线部分提问)

                     are their bags?

    5. This is a boat. (变复数)

              are         .

Ⅶ. 看图填空完成句子(一空一词)(1×10)


1.        this a bus         a car?

             a      .

2. Where       the       ?

     They're        the       .

3. Mr. White's       is under the       .

Ⅷ. 完型填空(将选项的符号填入题号前面括号内)(1×10)

   Look  ①  the picture,please. We can see Green's  ②  in it. They are ③ .  Mr.  ④  Mrs. Green are here.  Kate  ⑤  there.   ⑥  is Jim? Oh, ⑦ is behind the chair. What's that? It  ⑧  like a hat. But it's a cat. It's on  ⑨  floor. Do you know  ⑩  name?

  (   )1. A. at              B. like                C. after

  (   )2. A. family          B. father              C. mother

  (   )3. A. English girls   B. English             C. English boys

  (   )4. A. or              B. and                 C. of

  (   )5. A. am              B. is                  C. are

  (   )6. A. Who             B. How                 C. Where

  (   )7. A. he              B. He                  C. His

  (   )8. A. look            B. looks               C. is looking

  (   )9. A. the             B. a                   C. an

  (   )10. A. it's           B. is                  C. its




Ⅰ. 选择填空(将正确答案的代号填入题前括号内)(2×10)

  (   )1.       are the man and the woman       the bike?

          A. Whose,on      B. What,in       C. Who,on      D. Who's,in

  (   )2. It's not         shirt        is in the bag.

          A. her,Her       B. mine,My       C. your,Your   D. his,His

  (   )3. The      brothers don't look the same. But they are      eleven.

          A. twins,all                      B. twin's,both

          C. twin,both                      D. twin,all

  (   )4. Your sister is very       . You must        her at home.

          A small,look like                B. young,look after

          C. short,look at                  D. nice,look

  (   )5. Do you know the name       your English teacher? I think      Mr Wang.

          A. of, it's     B. of, hers    C. in, She's    D. of, She's

  (   )6. Can you       the school bag to Lucy? She       to take it.

          A. put,forgets                    B. give,forgets

          C. give,puts                      D. forget,has

  (   )7. That's the bell. It's time       to       classroom.

          A. to go,a       B. go,the        C. to go,the    D. go,a

  (   )8. I can see       books.       books are on the table.

          A. a,The         B. some,The      C. the,Some     D. the,The

  (   )9. He       his pen in his bag,but he can't       it now.

          A. puts,find                      B. looks,see

C. has,finds                      D. looks,find

  (   )10. The coat is       . Don't       .

          A. your father, put on it           B. Jim's, put them on

            C. your father's,put it on      D. Jim,put it on


Ⅱ. 补全对话(选用所给词语补全对话,一空一词,每词只能使用一次)(2×10)

   A:   1   skirts are these   2   the desk? Are   3   yours?

   B: Let me see,Oh,no,they   4   mine. Mine   5   blue,and those are red. I think they are   6  .

   A: Whose?

   B: Lily's.

   A:   7   Lily!Are those red   8   yours?

   B: Oh,  9  ,they are mine.

   A: Put   10   in your bag,please.

   B: OK. Thanks very much.

   1.        2.        3.        4.        5.        .

   6.        7.        8.        9.        10.        .


Ⅲ. 单词拼写(根据句子意思写出完整的词,其首字母已给出,拼写时不得重复)(2×10)

   1. Li Lei isn't at school today. Not e      is here.

   2. Is that 8287645? No. That's a w      number.

   3. Can you g      the name of the girl in the red hat?

  4. Mr. and Mrs. Smith are in China now. But their d     ,Rose,is in England. She is too young.

   5. These are the s     books. They are on the desk.

   6. This book is y     . You must look after it.

   7. Now it's 4 in the afternoon. It's time to go and play g     .

   8. What colour is your kite? It's o     .

   9. W      father is a teacher? Li Lei's.

   10. The girl in a red coat is Lucy's s     .


Ⅳ. 连词成句(选择能连成正确句子的答案)(2×1O)

  (   )1. A. is   B. my   C. That   D. girl  E. friend

           A. BACED+句号             B. CDABE+句号

           C. CABDE+句号

  (   )2. A. behind   B. is  C. the one  D. the tree  E. bike  F. My

           A. FEBCAD+句号           B. FEBADC+句号

           C. FEADBC+句号

  (   )3. A. What  B. car  C. the  D. is  E. colour

           A. AECBD+问号            B. ABDCE+问号

           C. AEDCB+问号

  (   )4. A. are  B. These  C. long  D. theirs  E. pencils

           A. BACDE+句号            B. BCEAD+句号

           C. BADCE+句号

  (   )5. A. Han Meimei's   B. is   C. it   D. desk

           A. BCAD+问号             B. BADC+问号

           C. BDCA+问号

  (   )6. A. Grade  B. am  C. I  D. not  E. Three  F. in

           A. CBDFAE+句号           B. CDBFAE+句号

           C. CBDFEA+句号

  (   )7. A. green  B. isn't  C. yours  D. Mine  E. is  F. but

           A. DEAFBC+句号                  B. DBAFCE+句号

           C. DECFBA+句号

  (   )8. A. Which  B. Who's  C. man  D. the man

           A. AD+问号BC+问号               B. BC+问号 AD+问号

           C. BD+问号AC+问号

  (   )9. A. know  B. you  C. the time  D. I  E. think

           A. DABEC+句号                    B. DEBAC+句号

           C. DEABC+句号

  (   )10. A. can't  B. watch  C. I  D. find  E. his

           A. CABDE+句号                    B. CDAEB+句号

           C. CADEB+句号


Ⅴ. 阅读理解(根据短文内容选择正确答案,并将其代号填写在题前的括号内)(2×5)

My name is Li Lei. I'm Chinese. I'm twelve. This is a picture of my family at home. You can see my father. My mother,my sister一Li Hua and me.  I have a nice bedroom. There is a photo on the wall. It's old. Who is that one behind the doll? Is it my sister? No,it's me. I look young. How old am I in the photo? I think one. My mother is a worker. My father is a teacher of English. He has an American friend,Mr Green.  His family are in China.  His son, Jims is a student. We are in the same school, but different classes. We are good friends,too.

  (   )1. I have      .

           A. one sister      B. one brother      C. two friends.

  (   )2. The baby in the old picture is      .

           A. Li Hua            B. Li Lei           C. Jim

  (   )3. Mr. Green is       good friend.

           A. my                B. my mother's     C. my father's

  (   )4. My father is      .

           A. a worker                B. an English teacher

           C. a teacher of Chinese

  (   )5. Jim and I are not in different       .

           A. schools           B. classes           C. grades


Ⅵ. 阅读填词(补全空白处单词,使短文意思完整正确,单词的第一个字母已给出)(2×5)

 Tom and Mary are brother and sister. They are n       students in Jim's class.  Jim l      after them at school. They are his good f      .  Today Jim is on duty. It's his t       to clean the b      and the classroom.

1. n       2. l        3. f         4. t        5. b        .小升初网





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