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  Ⅱ. 汉译英。

  1.看起来像             2.长发            3.中等身材          4.一张圆脸        

  5.明天见               6.来自            7.他的朋友          8.我的老师                 10.二年级八班

  Ⅲ. 句型转换。

  1. My hair is black.(就划线部分提问)。

  _____ _____ is your hair?

  2. He looks a little heavy.(就划线部分提问)

  _____ _____ he look like?

  3. She has two short arms.(改为否定句)

  She _____ _____ two short arms.

  4. We are from Brazil. (改为一般疑问句)

  _____ _____ from Brazil?

  5. His father is fine.(就划线部分提问)

  _____ _____ his father?

  Ⅳ. 用所给词的适当形式填空。 

  1. What' s ____ (she) name?

  2. Who are ____ (their)?

  3. We are good _____ (friend).

  4. My brother _____ (have) a nice shirt.

  5. This is my _____ (mother) handbag.

  6. Let's _____ (are) here at six.

  7. Nice _____ (meet) you.

  8. Her sister is from _____ (Japanese).

  9. Is he _____ (Germany)?

  10. She is 12 _____ (year) old.

  Ⅴ. 单项选择。

  (   )1. ____ name is Ann. What's ____ name?

  A. She, you   B. Her, your   C. Her, you   D. She, your

  (   )2. ---______?   ---It's my friend, Tom.

  A. Who's that   B. What's this   C. What's that   D. What's your name

  (   )3. Maria is ____ English girl.

  A. the   B. a   C. an   D. /

  (   )4. He is from Canada, he is a _____.

  A. Canadians   B. Korean   C. Australian   D. Canadian

  (   )5. ---_____ is your mother?   ---She is 39.

  A. How old    B. What   C. Where   D. How

  (   )6. What's this ____Japanese?

  A. of   B. to   C. in   D. at

  (   )7. ---How do you do?   ---_____.

  A. How old are you?   B. Fine, thanks.   C. How are you?   D. How do you do?

  (   )8.I s this your ____?

  A. a watch   B. watch   C. watches   D. a watches

  (   )9.______ are good friends.

  A. Me and Tom  B. Tom and me   C. Tom and I   D. I and Tom

  (   )10.---_____ do you spell book?   ---B-O-O-K, book

          A. How   B. What   C. What's   D. Where

  (   )11._____ are her _____.

  A. This, brother     B. these, brothers

  C. These, brother   D. These, brothers

  (   )12.可表示"中国共产党"的英文缩略词是_____.

  A. NBA   B. CPC   C. ABC   D. APC

  (   )13. ---Are you Dick?   ---Yes, ____.

  A. I am   B. you are   C I'm  .   D. you is.

  (   )14. ---Thanks very much.   ---_____.

  A. All right   B. Don't thank me  C. That's OK.   D. Oh, yes.

  (   )15. ---_____ is Changchun?  ---It's in Jilin.

  A. Where   B. How   C. What   D. Who

  Ⅵ. 情景会话。

  A: Do you have a new friend?                       B: __1__

  A: What's her name?                                    B: Her name is Amy.

  A: __2__                                                      B: She is from Cuba.

  A: What does she look like?                          B: She has a medium height.

  A: __3__                                                      B: Yes, she does.

  A: __4__                                                      B: It's black.

  A: Can she speak Chinese?                           B: __5__

  A: Look, she is coming.                                 B:  Let's go.

  Ⅶ. 阅读理解。                  A

    This is a girl. Her name is Cathrine. She has a cat (猫). It's an English cat. Her friends are Amy and Barbara. They have cats, too. They are Chinese cats. The English cat is four. The Chinese cats are both (都) two. They all like (喜欢) their cats.

    Now they can't see their cats. They think (认为) their cats are in the tree. They go there and carry (抱) them down.


  (   )1. Cathrine has a good _____ cat.

  A. English   B. Chinese   C. American   D. Japanese

  (   )2. Cathrine has _____ friends.

  A. one   B. two    C. three   D. four

  (   )3. The English cat is _____ and the Chinese cats are _____.

  A. two, two   B. two, four   C. four, two    D. four, four

  (   )4.Where are the cats?   They are _____.

  A. in the tree   B. on the floor   C. behind them   D. under the tree

  (   )5. Do they like their cats?

  A. No, they don't.  B. Yes, they do.  C. Yes, they don't.  D. No, they do.

  Do you like sports? I do and my friend Manuel does. We have sports collections(收藏). I have two tennis rackets(网球拍), three baseballs and a basketball. She has two volleyballs, two footballs and baseball bats. We both play sports after school every day.


  (   )1. Does Manuel like sports?

  A. Yes, I do.  B. No, I don't.   C. Yes, she does.   D. No, she doesn't.

  (   )2. We have small _____ collections.

  A. pen   B. book   C. ball   D. sports

  (   )3. I have ____.

  A. a basketball   B. soccer   C. ping-pang   D. volleyballs

  (   )4. She doesn't have _____.

  A. tennis rackets   B. baseball bats   C. footballs   D. volleyballs

  (   )5. We _____ every day.

  A. watch TV    B. read   C. play sports   D. watch baseball


  I am a Chinese boy. My name is Li Fei. I am a student. My father is a teacher. My mother is a teacher, too. She is a teacher of English. I don't have a sister or a brother. But I have two little friends in my family. They're Xiaoxiao, a nice dog, and Lele, a good bird. I love my father and my mother, I love my Xiaoxiao and Lele, too.


  (   )1.There are three people in my family.

  (   )2.My mother is a teacher of Chinese.

  (   )3.I have a brother.

  (   )4.I don't have a sister or a brother.

  (   )5.This is an English family.

  Ⅷ. 书面表达。

  介绍你的朋友,他的情况如下:男孩, 13岁,法国人, 棕色头发,大鼻子,大眼睛,个高且瘦,像他父亲等。约50个单词。小升初网





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